Car Wash Products

Car Wash Products

ALK Prewash

Ewocar ALK Prewash

Available capacities

1 L  – 5 L – 20 L

Alkaline base traffic film remover with high foam effect for easier application. Efficient remove of mud, road grim, bugs. The product contains safety materials and Ph 13.2, which is completely safe for chromed, nickel-plated or rubber surfaces.

More about Ewocar ALK Prewash

  • Easy rinse off
  • Can be used with spray gun
  • Extremely efficient
  • Safe for chrome, nickel-plated or rubber
How to use:
  1. Dilute 1-2 % with water
  2. Spray and wait for 60- 90 seconds
  3. For wheels cleaning use 1:5 dilution rate
Important note:

In a hot season it’s recommended to cool down the car body with water before application. Spray using foam gun or sprayer, wait for 60- 90 second and rinse with high pressure water.

Neutral Foam Shampoo

Ewocar Shampoo

Available capacities

1 L  – 5 L – 20 L

Neutral Foam Shampoo has very thick and long-lasting foam and even it’s Ph neutral it’s effective in removing road grim and other dirt. The perfect product for daily maintenance, thick foam gives gentle cleaning action, Ph neutral is safe for any waxes or coatings.

More about Ewocar Neutral Foam Shampoo

Highly concentrated shampoo could be applied with foam gun, foam cannon or just using wash bucket. We recommend to use Ewocar Wash mitt with Neutral Foam Shampoo.

  • High foam shampoo
  • Efficient washing properties
  • Ph neutral
  • Highly concentrated
  • Perfect for coating maintenance
Recommended Dilute ratios:
  • Dilution rate – 1:200
  • Foam gun- 0.5%- 1%

*For the unusual dirty cars we recommend to prewash with our Prewash product.

Tar Remover

Ewocar TAR Remover

Available capacities

1 L  – 5 L – 20 L

Tar remover is a fast and effective product against tar, grease, glue or asphalt spots. Do not use in direct sunlight, if using in summer season it’s recommended to cool down the car body with water before application.

More about Ewocar Tar Remover

  • Removes tar, asphalt, duct tape stains and sticker marks
  • Easy to use
  • Works on wet surface
  • Safe for plastic or chrome

How to use:

  1. Apply on dry or wet surfaces
  2. Leave it for a 5-10 minutes to work
  3. Rinse with high pressure water and wash with shampoo