Q-SEAL Ceramic Detailer

Ewocar Q-SEAL is an innovative quick detailer for shine and protection of your paintwork. Simply spray an even amount of product directly onto the paintwork, spread evenly with a microfiber towel and polish it away with a dry sided microfiber towel until streak-free finish is achieved. Absolutely safe on all surfaces – paint,wheels,glass,chrome and even glossy interior trim.


  • Smooth and hydrophobic
  • No smears or streaks
  • Safe on all surfaces

Directions of use

  • Shake well before use
  • Apply evenly onto clean paintwork (can also be applied onto a wet car if it has been treated previously)
  • Polish with a soft & dry microfiber towel


W-COAT Ceramic Sealant

Ewocar W-Coat Ceramic Sealant

Ewocar W-Coat is the ultimate ceramic sealant that will revolutionize your vehicle maintenance routine. With its instant and easy to use formula, achieving outstanding shine, hydrophobics and slickness has never been simpler. Despite its ease of use, W-Coat provides unmatched durability and chemical resistance.


  • Spray ON & Rinse OFF

  • Slick & Hydrophobic

  • Safe on all surfaces

Directions of use

  • Shake the bottle before use

  • After washing the vehicle, spray surfaces evenly from top to bottom (do not use in direct sunlight)

  • Rinse with plenty of water immediately after application and dry the vehicle completely




Professional grade ceramic coating that is only available to the authorised and certified detailers.


  • Hard and flexible – can be applied in larger proportions than Ewocar Hydro36 Ceramic Coating
  • Long lasting & chemical resistant
  • Hydrophobic
  • Up to 60 months paint protection

Application method

Ewocar Pro60 is applied in linear motion, no need for a criss-cross action, you can wipe off immediately after you applied the coating or you can go ahead and apply it to another panel and wipe off after you’re done. You have 5 to 15minutes to fully wipe off the residue which basically means that application of Pro60 is completely STRESS FREE. Ewocar Pro60 hardens in 1 to 4hours (depending on the room temperature and humidity).



Ewocar Hydro 36 coating gives you hard and extremely hydrophobic surface. The product forms layer which protects car body against dust, grime, mud, water, UV, bird droppings.


  • Hardness 9H
  • Durability up to 36 months
  • Chemical resistance: 2-12 pH
  • Consumption: approx. 30ml/car
  • Thickness – 1000 – 1200 nm
  • Fast curing time ceramic coating, only for professional use!

Application method

Hydro36 is applied in a linear motion, line after line, no criss-cross action. For the best user experience we recommend splitting bonnet in four to five pieces. Can be applied to the paint, chrome and wheels, it bonds immediately, beads like crazy, lasts for ages.



Ewocar Boost+ is an entry level ceramic coating that was built to boost the existing Ewocar coating’s properties that was installed previously but it can also be used as main coating.


  • Easy application 
  • Can work as a main protection but was built to improve existing coatings hydrophobics
  • Up to 12months paint protection
  • Extremely slick & hydrophobic 

Application method

Ewocar Boost+ is very easy to apply and super easy to wipe off as the surface becomes extremely slick and looks dripping wet once it is applied – and we all know everybody likes that. Can be applied to the paint, chrome, wheels and even plastics, it bonds immediately, beads like crazy and it only takes 45minutes to apply* (mid size hatchback).


Glass Protection


Ewocar Glass PRO creates invisible nano shield for glass and develops resistance to water, mud, snow and ice, insects. While driving at 60km/h and more, water drops roll away – invisible wipers.


  • Durability up to 24 months
  • Easy bugs, dirt, ice removal;
  • Completely invisible
  • Good visibility during rain/safety of driving 

Application method

Surface has to be fully clean and dry . Apply coating with sprayer or applicator and polish with microfiber towel immediately. Curing time after application 4 hours.


5-10 ml for 1 m2, depending on the surface.


Application temperature must be +5 °C – +30 °C. Keep container tightly closed, protected from direct sunlight and frost. May cause eye irritation. Keep out of reach of children. Use in a well ventilated area.

Cabrio Protection


Ewocar Cabrio creates superhydrophobic nano layer and makes the roof resistant to liquids and oils.


  • Fully Breathable surface
  • Silicone free
  • Durability up to 1 year
  • VOC free, water based
  • Transparent

Application method

The surface has to be completely clean and dry. Spray on the surface to become wet. Wait until surface gets dry. Protect surface for 4 hours from the water. Before usage shake well the product


40ml – 100 ml per square meter